Saturday, August 28, 2010

what the hell...

Okay so a few things...numbah 1 why the fuck do weeaboos say K-wai-ee it is just Hawaii with a k ya dumb !%@^* *cough* anyways it seems like ill finally get my car back on the road monday so fuck yeah! I want a pet bear....also USE YOUR DAMNED TURNSIGNAL TO CHANGE LANES YOU STUPID SHITS -_- for real yo...come on it's a flick of the wrist to stop me from rear ending you because your out of town ass doesnt know where the turn is and you figure that i care enough for my well being to slow down for you to cut me off but in all reality ill just ride your ass constantly with my high beams on .....well not really because people that do that usually get a nice close up of my car's ass end. have fun back there :D